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I got started in the construction industry running a branch of Student Painters. I studied business at Ball State, perfected my business plan, and started a painting company after I graduated. Eventually, I moved into the entire exterior: roofing, siding, and gutters. I started Element Roofing to set the standard in the roofing industry. I've seen some statistics that say that roofers have the most complaints out of ANY business except used car salesman, and I want to turn that around. There are so many so called "roofers" that come from out of state and perform shoddy work, offer little warranty, and are not to be found when an issue arises. Element Roofing was founded to solve these issues with the core values of 

Honesty - being truthful and real when inspecting, quoting, or doing work. 

Customer service - being available, responding with urgency, and exceeding expectations. 

Quality - Using high-quality materials, expertly trained installers, and backing up work with a warranty.

We stop at nothing until the job is done right. Give us a call today! 317-760-2898

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