Roofing FAQ

What Should I Look For In A Contractor? 

Look for a contractor that is highly rated, certified by the shingle manufacturer, and professional. Indiana doesn’t require a license to be a roofer, so the best way to find a good roofer is to check reviews online. Is the roofer highly rated? Are any complaints addressed? Is the roofer backed by one of the three big shingle manufacturers? Element Roofing is a preferred contractor with Owens Corning, who back us for professionalism and reliability.

Do I Need An Estimate? 

Element Roofing will work directly with your insurance carrier, and your only cost is your deductible and upgrades, should you choose any. If the claim and entire roof is not approved, there is no out of pocket expense.

Can You Waive My Deductible? 

By law we can not. Indiana Code 24-5-11-10.5 Sec. 10.5. (a) A home improvement supplier shall not advertise, offer, or promise to pay or rebate any part of an insurance deductible to induce a person to enter into a home improvement contract or otherwise purchase goods or services from the home improvement supplier.

If I Find A Contractor To Do The Work For Less Than The Insurance Company Agreed To Pay, Can I Keep Some Of The Money? 

Your insurance carrier will only pay what is cost to get the property back to pre storm condition. So if the insurance carrier pays $10,000 and you get it done for $7,000. When you submit this invoice to the carrier, they will only pay $7,000.

What Will Happen At My Adjuster Meeting? 

Element Roofing will meet with your adjuster and point out the damage to him or her using our roofing expertise. Element Roofing has relationships with the insurance companies and adjusters.

What Happens If My Claim Is Denied? 

We have third parties we have worked with that we can recommend who can fight for a fair settlement or we can give you a quote to do the work out-of-pocket.

Will My Insurance Rates Go Up If I File A Claim? 

No, insurance carriers do not raise rates for filing a claim. Hail damage is an act of god, unlike driving behind the wheel of car, you are not directly responsible. Carriers may raise rates for the area by a few dollars due to higher storm activity, but is is considered negligible. 

What Will Happen The Day Of The Install? 

You will have materials delivered ready for install before the install day. The day of, we will arrive with a trailer, on wheels, so it doesn’t scratch your driveway. We will protect the landscaping with tarps and/or nets. 

What Do You Do On A Roof Install? 

We do a full tear off down to the deck. We install synthetic felt, ice and water shield on the valleys, real starter strip, dimensional shingles, real ridge cap, new ventilation, drip edge, and gutter apron.

Why Should I Install Ridge Vents Instead Of Turtle Vents?

Heat is one the biggest factors that affect roof longevity. Ridge vents help the air circulate in your attic twice as much as box vents. When the air flows over a ridge vent, it creates low pressure like an airplane wing, which sucks the air out of the attic.

Why Do We Recommend Owens Corning Products? 

From our testing, Owens Corning products perform the best in Indiana weather conditions, which means they stand up the best to swings in hot and cold and high winds. We have tested other shingle manufacturers, and have had problems with their shingles. We recommend Owens Corning from first hand experience of quality and durability.

What Does It Take To Be A Ownens Corning Preferred Contractor? 

The preferred contractor status is awarded to the top 5% of contractors. Owens corning guarantees the professionalism and reliability of preferred contractors, who are able to offer Owens Corning’s extended warranties.

Owens Corning requires preferred contractors to carry $1,000,000 liability insurance. Contractors are certified and vetted by their local Owens Corning Area Service Managers.

Who Backs My Warranty If Your Company Goes Out Of Business?

Most contractors are certified at the manufacturer’s lowest level. This means they can offer the standard limited warranty, but if they go out of business and there is an issue, you can be left bearing the cost of replacement. Alsok, the shingle manufacturer will come out and inspect the roof to see if it was installed properly. If it was installed improperly, your warranty could be voided.

As an Owens Corning preferred contractor, Element Roofing is able to provide warranties backed by Owens Corning.

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