Metal Roof Installation and Repair in Carmel, IN

metal roof installation

Durability & Performance for Your Roof

Every year, more and more property owners discover the benefits of metal roofing. They’re incredibly durable, are weather-resistant, and now come in a variety of styles and colors to match different building types. If you’re thinking of a metal roof installation in Carmel, IN, or you need metal roof repair, the team at Element Roofing can deliver excellent results at terrific prices. We’re the leading local roofing contractor in the area, and we can create a custom roofing plan to fit your schedule and your budget. We can install a quality metal roof that looks amazing and create a maintenance plan to make it last. Our team of expert roofers can work with any property type, and we’re confident we can get you the roof you’ve always wanted. Schedule an appointment with one of our roofing professionals by calling (317) 548-8445 today!

The Benefits of Metal Roof Installation & Repair

Metal roofs cost more than your traditional asphalt shingle roof. With that higher upfront investment, though, you get several benefits that will end up saving you money long-term. You’ll also likely have to deal with fewer issues over the lifespan of your roof. Here are some of the main benefits of metal roofing,

  • Durability – With a metal roof, there are no loose shingles that fly off in strong winds. These roofs are built to last. They have fewer pieces and it takes a lot more to damage them. Most property owners can expect their metal roof to last much longer than a traditional shingle roof.
  • Weather-Resistant – We’ve mentioned wind, but metal roofs stand up very well to all sorts of weather. They reflect the sun well, and rain doesn’t penetrate the metal surface. Most metal roofs have fewer seams than other roof types, so there are fewer places for water to trickle in when it rains.
  • Low-Maintenance – Over the years of ownership, you’re going to have lower maintenance costs with a metal roof. You’ll love saving money every year knowing you’ve got a strong roof over your head. In the end, many property owners find that metal roofing saves them money in the long run.
  • Eco-Friendly – Some property owners want to know that their roofs are environmentally friendly. While a lot of the roofing industry is making strides in the eco-friendly department, asphalt shingles and other roofing materials still depend heavily on fossil fuels. Metal roofs, on the other hand, are often made of recycled material. They’re also recyclable themselves whenever you replace them.
  • Energy-Efficient – Metal roofs don’t absorb heat from the sun as many other roofing materials do. Instead, they reflect much of the sun’s energy away from your home or commercial property. That means you spend less money each month on cooling.
  • Modern Designs – Metal roofs look great. They offer a sleek alternative to traditional shingle roofs. Your property will be sure to stand out from the crowd with a high-quality custom metal roof.

Metal roofs are easy to repair and are a great choice for homeowners looking for something different.

Our Metal Roof Installation & Repair Process

If you’re thinking about metal roof installation or you need metal roof repair, Element Roofing offers the full range of options for your home or business. We’ve spent years working in Carmel, IN to give property owners the most choices at the best prices.

When you call our team, we’ll send someone to your home or commercial property to inspect your roof and talk to you about the best options. On installations, we handle everything from end to end and can fit a beautiful metal roof to your home, office, warehouse, or multi-family building.

We’re also the team you can count on when you need metal roof repair. Whether it’s applying a protective coating on your roof or fixing a seam, we can get to you quickly and handle repairs on time and under budget. We’ll go the extra mile to keep your roof in great shape so you don’t have to worry about leaks, holes, or any other issues.

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Find out today how Element Roofing can get you better roofing performance at a better price! We’re the preferred local roofing contractor dedicated to getting you the results you expect. Everything we do is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We want you to love your roof and will do what it takes to make it happen. Call us now at (317) 548-8445 to hear more about metal roof installation in Carmel, IN and schedule an appointment with one of our roofing technicians! Our team is ready to get things moving right away so contact us today!